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  1. CBE Control Panel 12V Switch
  2. CBE Control Panel 12V Switch
  3. CBE Control Panel *
  4. 3010-214 Slider Switch Control Panel for 3010 Compact Boiler [Alde Spare Parts]
  5. CBE Pc180 Control Panel
  6. CBE PC220 Touch Control Panel

    Microprocessor controlled system with 7 colours graphic LCD, having the followings functions:

    •     digital clock
    •     car battery test (volt and graphic)
    •     services battery (volt and graphic)
    •     drinking water tank level (percentage and graphic)
    •     internal and external temperature test
    •     Electronic battery separator
    •     fridge control
    •     protection fuses
    •     car battery recharging control
    •     save service battery function

    Control panel dimensions: 181 x 131 mm

    Learn More
  7. Zig CP400 Control Panel in Black

    Three way switched and fused 12V distribution panel, including battery condition monitor and power source selector switch. These panels are designed to be installed remotely from all Zig power supplies. Overall dimensions: 215mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 50mm (D). Learn More
  8. Zig Mk1 Control Panel

    Provides similar features to the CP400 12V distribution panel with analogue battery condition meter. Learn More
  9. 9600000091 Dometic WAECO SinePower MCR9 Standard Remote Control Panel for SinePower 700-3000W Inverters

    standard remote control panel for SinePower 700-3000w inverters with 7.5 m cable Learn More
  10. 9600000090 Dometic WAECO SinePower MCR7 Comfort Remote Control Panel for SinePower 700-300W Inverters

    comfort remote control panel for SinePower 700-300w inverters with 7.5m cable Learn More
  11. 41122-02 Truma Trumavent Fan TEB-2 12v with External Control Panel
  12. EFOY Control Panel

    Efoy Fuel Cells Learn More
  13. 30030-98400 Truma Ultraheat Control Panel New Style [Truma Spare Parts]
  14. 34000-60600 Truma Control Panel Frame Agate Grey [Truma Spare Parts]
  15. Not Available: 2928-904K Comfort Boiler Balanced Flue Gas Only Control Panel UK Marine Specification

    COMFORT BOILER - Balanced Flue (Gas only control panel, UK marine spec) Learn More
  16. 3000-568 Button Set for Control Panel 3000-465/565 for 3000 Compact Boiler [Alde Spare Parts]

    Button set for control panel Set, consisting of three push-button switches and wheel with spindle. For control panel 3000 465, 3000 565 and 3010 214. Learn More
  17. Thetford C402C Toilet Control Panel [Thetford Toilet Spare Parts]

    Further details are available in the current Thetford catalog. Learn More
  18. 70000-06700 Truma Ultrastore Control Panel [Truma Spare Parts]
  19. 34000-09300 Truma Ultraheat Control Panel Cable [Truma Spare Parts]
  20. 3010-217 Connector Cable Between Boiler and Control Panel 3010-213/413 8.5m for 3010 Compact Boiler [Alde Spare Parts]

    Cable for programmable control panels Connection cable between boiler and control panels 3010 213 and 613. Learn More

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